The Saint Joseph Study Group is an association of lay faithful who gather together to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives through prayer and study. As members of this group we believe that “If a man wants to be always in God’s company, he must pray regularly and read regularly. When we pray, we talk to God; when we read, God talks to us.” (Saint Isidore of Seville, Book of Maxims)

We achieve our first goal of prayer by beginning each of our meetings with Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. By uniting ourselves with millions of other Catholics around the world saying the same prayer, we strengthen not only ourselves, but the Church itself.

We achieve our second goal of study by reflecting on various Catholic works. We cover Papal documents, Catholic books, writings of Saints, Church Fathers, and Doctors of the Church, etc. Included in the list of the many works we have studying thus far, are Deus Caritas Est, Dominus Iesus, and Saint Joseph, Fatima, and Fatherhood. We also will focus on a particular Saint(s) of the liturgical week to reflect upon and learn their story, so that we may come to know our heavenly friends who are majestic role models and unparalleled intercessors.

We started our group in Lent of 2006. We came together in the hope of strengthening our Catholic faith and creating bonds of unity within our parish community. Thus far, it has been a success. We would like to extend an invitation to every parishioner to come and attend a meeting. Our meeting dates and times are announced in the bulletin.