Religious Education Mission Statement

We strive to provide opportunities for all ages to grow in a greater understanding of their Catholic Faith. 
Through, the gatherings of the parish community in Liturgy, celebration of receiving the Sacraments, 
reading and sharing the Word of God, and Serving those within our community and the community at large. 
By emulating the examples of the Blessed Mother and St. Anthony we strive to be true Disciples of Christ.

Welcome 2017-2018 Students!

Dear Parent(s),
WELCOME to another year of continuing religious education. Where we, the parish community continue to nourish what you, as a parent have been teaching your child since their birth. 
The information in the packet is pertinent to all families who have a family member age 5yr through 18yr. Read over all the information, complete the forms and return to the Religious Education Office as soon as possible.


2017-2018 Registration Form (PDF)

Tentative classroom locations are as following.

Class size will determine if any room changes are necessary.

K, 1st, 2nd 3rd & 4th in classrooms.
5th & 6th in JPII Center.
7th & 8th grade in classrooms.
9th – 12th in JPII Center.
Confirmation class in classrooms.


The calendar is located in at least four areas: parish web site RIGHT HERE (REVISED 2017 click to download – .docx), parish bulletin, handbook and where ever you place the yellow hard copy that was given to you. No excuses. 
Please watch the web page and bulletin for ongoing events and activities in the parish.

Interested in becoming a member of a Religious Education Committee?

We will meet every other month to discern, plan and implement programs and activities please call or add it to the Time and Talent sheet.

Thank you for your commitment and ongoing support as a parent. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Love & Prayers in Christ, Sincerely,
Therese M. Ivanisin / Mrs. I
Director of Religious Education
330-743-3508 x121
Adults, CCD, Sacraments, RCIA, Liturgy

Joe Carrabbia
Assistant Youth Minister
Youth Ministry (9th -12th) CCD

Join us for new things:

Our Focus this year will be
The Word of God … Prayer … Liturgy
K – 6th New curriculum: check it out!

First: Letter. Read the entire letter not just bits and pieces.
Second: Revised Family CCD / YM / Catholic School Registration form (purple). Every family including Catholic School families are asked to complete both sides of the form. The form allows us to document your child’s involvement in Religious Education for future Sacramental records. Reconciliation and First Communion registration forms will be mailed by mid-October.

Combined Calendar for all CCD Programs (download above) will be distributed the first class. Class times have been slightly adjusted.

  • K-6th grade is CCD is scheduled Saturday mornings 9:30a-11:30. There will be group activities.
  • 7th & 8th grade is Jr. High Youth Ministry scheduled Sunday mornings: 11:15a – 12:45a
  • 9th – 12th grade is Youth Ministry scheduled Sunday mornings: 11:15a – 12:45a. YM schedule will vary depending on activity. Watch calendar, bulletin and e-mails from Joe Carrabbia.
  • Adult and family gatherings will be listed as Faith Formation events not Religious Education.

Sacramental Prep: Reconciliation, Communion & Confirmation

The classes are not held within normal scheduled classes. Youth attending a catholic school are encouraged to prepare and receive sacraments at your home parish of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel ~ St. Anthony Parish. However, if you want your child to prepare and receive with a Catholic School and not the parish contact Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Basilica and request a letter of consent. Monsignor will write a letter notifying the school that he is aware your child will not be receiving at the parish.

7yr – 17yr and Missed a Sacrament

Call the Religious Education office. Now is the time to discuss the options for your child to get involved and complete all of their Initiation Sacraments.

Catholic School Students

You are always welcome to join in any of the classes or activities that you see listed for CCD, Jr. High and Youth Ministry. You are members of the parish community and are welcome. If there is an RSVP due for an event or activity please let us know in advance that you are coming.

Youth Ministry

The 9th -12th meet as a group, there will be social, service and fellowship opportunities throughout the year. Some involve other Youth Ministry groups from other parishes. JPII Center is changing. We are making it Youth Ministry friendly. Join us and see what’s happening be part of the change.

Time and Talent forms

Now is not the time to be shy or humble. If God gave you a talent then He expects you to trust in Him and share it. Let me know if there is some way you want to help and be involved. The volunteer forms will be given the first day of classes.

All Volunteers/Chaperones

-Adults / parents who want to be involved with the youth under the age of 18yr as a catechist, sub, chaperone or carpooling to activities is asked to attend a 2 hour Child Protection Inservice Seminar. For upcoming dates and times see (Purple box click Child Protection.) “Treasured Gifts from God” Questions call Mrs. I


Just like in a family, everyone has responsibilities and expectations as a family member. This year a Growing in Our Faith Family Handbook is being compiled. The handbook will outline the expectations of each grade level. 
Ex; Prayers, attendance, make-up homework, involvement in service activities, participating in weekend Liturgy. 
It will also indicate when parent involvement is expected. Be ready to join in. All will be an awesome experience.


There are certain prayers all Catholics should know and understand what they are praying. This year we want to make sure that we are helping the children grow in prayer. The complete list of grade expectations will be included in the handbook. At this point everyone should know The Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary by the middle of October. Begin to practice now so they can add their name to the, “I Know” board.

Photo Galleries

Vacation Bible School
June 27th – July 1st, 2016


Changes and add ons are always happening. Religious Education Office: 330-743-3508×121
– OR –
Grades K-8/Sacraments and RCIA email Youth Ministry email